March 12, 2014
  • Blueberry & Bla...

    Our Chilean blueberry season is gradually winding down through March. We will have select volumes of organic Mexican blackberries starting soon and we have Mexican blackberries available through May.

    • Vidalia onions 2014

      Vidalia Sweet Onions

      Vidalia Sweet Onions start in
      April! Here we are
      checking quality.

    • Chilean Blueberries

      Chilean Blueberry season is
      winding down in March.

    • Vidalia Carrot Season started

      Vidalia Sweet Carrots!

      It’s Vidalia Sweet Carrot Season
      and it’s our best season yet.
      Ask for them by name today!

    • hermiston sweetreds banner

      Hermiston SweetReds!

      It is peak season
      for delicious
      Hermiston SweetReds