Obersinner Family Farm


David Obersinner is a 4th generation family farmer on an operation started in 1909. Originally, in their crops were mostly livestock, grain, flax and hay. After WWII, the Obersinner family expanded into fruits, vegetables and berries and have continued to add crops through the 70′ s, 80’s and 90’s, such as onions, nursery stock, grass seed and blueberries.

Many Obersinner members have been involved in the farming operation, including David’s great grandfather Albert Obersinner (1909-1930), grandfather Joe Obersinner(1920-1955), uncle Leonard Obersinner (1946-1980), and father Alan Obersinner (1955-1995). David began farming in 1980.

David’s family includes his wife Marge, their daughter Amy and twin sons Jake and Joe. Marge takes care of the farm office. Jake and Joe are juniors at OSU majoring in Ag Business Management and Horticulture and work summers on the farm. Amy is pursuing her doctorate in pharmacy at OSU.

The Obersinners first started with Curry & Company in the 1980’s delivering both summer onions and storage onions. Now they deliver blueberries to Curry for fresh market. Curry’s location and size makes for easy, quick deliveries which are essential to maintain top quality. David comments “Their pricing is reasonable and fair with the market. I appreciate their commitment to quality because we strive to grow and ship the best blueberries possible.”

David likes to try new things – which is why they are involved in 5 different industries (nursery, grass, grain, berries and vegetables). With this many different crops they are planting and harvesting or doing both 12 months out of the year, leaving little time for their love of sports and hunting. They have no intention of slowing down, adds David “The future will continue to bring diversity to our farm which will help average out the ups and downs of agriculture.”