Our Vidalia Sweet Carrot crop is looking great!From the very beginning of Curry & Company’s history, partnerships have been integral to the company’s success. The company’s growers are not just suppliers to Curry & Company; we are in business together and both thrive because of the other.

Whether it is our early vegetable growers who grew on the freshly drained land of Lake Labish or our Vidalia Sweet Onions and Vidalia Sweet Carrots™ growers in Georgia, Curry & Company is integrally involved in the production of its crops.

Vidalia Sweet Farms took Curry & Company into a completely new crop. Vidalia Sweet Carrots™, a first in the market place, delivers to retailers the opportunity to place a premium carrot in their produce department. Through leadership, analysis, and most importantly, people, together we deliver the possible service and highest quality produce.