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Curry & Company Oregon Berries

Sustainable farms, leading in quality.


Curry & Company Oregon Blueberries


Curry & Company is a leading blueberry supplier, providing consumers with the highest quality and most delicious blueberries in the world.   With offices in Oregon, California and Chile we’re able to offer superior berries all year round.

The growing popularity of blueberries is undeniable. North American consumption has increased 47% over the last five years.  Not only a delicious snack or ingredient, but also a superfood packed full of antioxidants and essential vitamins.  

Curry & Company Oregon Blackberries


Our blackberries are grown in both Oregon and Mexico.  Oregon’s warm summer days and cool evenings are the perfect recipe for growing sweet plump berries.  Oregon is the world leader in total production, while Mexico leads in fresh market production.

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