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Curry & Company Oregon Sustainable Farming

Our growers are stewards of the land and the environment.  Protecting the land and the wildlife is a way of life.   Bees, butterflies, and other pollinators are critical to successful farming, but beyond this, there’s a deep appreciation for the flora and fauna that’s makes our farms and community special.


We live, raise our children and farm in unique environments that provide not only a bounty of healthy foods, but also a place we’re proud to call home. Protecting our biodiversity is natural and why we live and farm where we do.  We are blessed.


Our growers treat the land and surrounding areas with pride and respect.  Our growers are not agro-corporations that view the land as a financial line item or solely a profit center, rather a family way of life that must be preserved for future generations.  An appreciation for the land and a way of life that must be protected, respected and preserved.


Pride in the detailed knowledge of the soil, climate, terrains and other farm specific aspects that have been passed down from one generation to the next.

Curry & Company Oregon Biodiversity

The fruits and vegetables we sell are grown on farms that collectively span thousands of acres of land.  Our growers implement advanced agricultural practices that reduce the amount of water, fertilizer and pesticides needed to grow safe, healthy and productive crops.


Traditional thoughts of more is better is contrary to our beliefs and practices.  Drip irrigation systems, optimization and minimization of fertilizers and pesticides not only save our growers money but protect our lands and provide the healthiest and most delicious foods to our customers.

Curry & Company Oregon Environmental Protection


our Environment

Curry & Company Oregon Best Farming Practices

Best Farming


Best Farming Practices
Preserving Biodiversity
Protecting our Environment

Sustainable farms, leading in quality.

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